Courage is not an absence of fear…

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Fear is a fire to temper courage and resolve.

-Terry Brooks, Running With The Demon

I have been wanting to do a post about fear, I was just waiting for the right time. Then, while reading this book from my new favorite author, I came across this quote and it stirred me on.

To live without fear is to live with stupidity. Having rational fear means you understand consequences. You understand that not everything goes to plan. But when things don’t go to plan, that’s when we learn.

When we give into our fears, we hand over the reins. We no longer control them or ourselves.

You cannot let fear control you. One way you do so is by learning about what you fear. Understanding can show you that you had nothing to fear at all.

Rational fears keep you safe. It is okay to be afraid of bears or wolves or sharks. They can eat you. Learning about them can help you avoid encounters that may not end in your favor.

I have a semi irrational fear of heights. That just means I don’t go into hot air balloons, climb mountains, or skydive. That’s okay. It doesn’t cripple my life. Those are fears I can successfully avoid those things without crippling my life.

Fears that need to be overcome are things like the fear of success, love, confrontation, or responsibility. Those help us grow.

So ground out your fear. Know that it takes true courage to stand up to what you fear, and take responsibility of whatever the outcome.

What do you fear and have you overcome it? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading

Merry Met

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