Divine spark

Most people look outwardly for the divine. They seek God through religion or the words of others.

The great energy is in us. As I have said numerous times, we are energy and matter. We are bodies and the spirit that drives.

We seek the divine to find ourselves, when we need look no further than ourselves to find the divine. The energy comes through us as it flows through everything. We all interpret this energy in different ways and we understand what we are told about it differently. Because we are all different, we hear the same voice differently.

The important thing to remember is that different doesn’t mean wrong. Learning someone else’s point of view will expand your own understanding. Life is a process of continual learning.

The first step is to listen.

Merry met.


Where did my Bardic Path begin?

As part of The Bardic Handbook  by Kevan Manwaring, there are exercises throughout. The ones that I can share, I will. Others are for myself. I haven’t declared my chair yet. I plan on doing it either during our Imbolc ritual or on the blue moon.

This exercise is the question “where did the Bardic Path begin for you?”

I have gone over a few of my spiritual influences and that is really where my path began. I have always had different ideas about spirituality, but it wasn’t until the birth of my first son and I began to learn about shamanism to learn about his empathy. Then a family tragedy opened my world more as I learned more about spirits and the God and Goddess.

Shamanism and Paganism collided in my life resulting in a quest for Druidry. Being a Bard is the first step. I have also made it a personal mission to spread awareness of Paganism, so it’s only natural that a Bard could spread awareness.

It all came together when I found Kevan Manwaring’s book and realized that I had many similar life views.

I’m excited to take this path. I hope it inspires you as I share as I go on and I thank you for your support.

Merry met! /|\

The Bard’s journey

Merry meet, all!

In the journey to further my druidry, I have finally received The Bardic Handbook by Kevin Manwaring. It is a twelve month guide to lead one to being a hard, the first step towards becoming a druid. The spirits have lead me to this path and who am I to argue. I’m actually going to set my intention and actually begin the journey in the next full moon.

I hope this furthers my understanding and brings me closer to the spirits of this world. 

I ask for your support on this journey and I want to share my progress with you all.

Thank you.

Merry meet

Merry part

And merry meet again.

The Enneagram, an energy tool.

So, everyone’s journey begins somewhere.

I didn’t grow up in a spiritual household. I had questions without any readily apparent answers. When my religious friends would encounter that part of my life, they would try to sway me. And why not? Here was a blank canvas. While I got a few ideas from them, in the end I knew my path was my own. Even before the age of the internet, I was fascinated with mythology. I believed those old Gods were still with us.

As a young man, I also knew my beliefs and ideas would be different, but it wasn’t until the birth of my first son that I had a clearer idea if my path.

My oldest is much like I was when I was his age, incredibly empathic and imaginative. A mind and spirit very open. It is a beautiful thing but also very overwhelming. I knew that I would do everything in my power to help him grow with an understanding of himself. And if it wasn’t in my power, I would have to grow it. I began studying energy and shamanism. He would be the start of my initiation.

As it would, his empathy has only grown, making our nights incredibly stressful as he processes the days energy and his understanding.

In my mission to help, I came across the Enneagram of personality. Google it to learn it’s origins, it’s pretty fascinating. I have been studying my sons and myself to find our personality types. Even though I know they will change as they grow, it is helping me understand ways I can work witth them better as a father. If you have any questions on our types, just ask and I can explain it more in depth. 

It is a great tool to help identify and work with energies.

I hope your day is great

Merry met.


“Many of the truth we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view”

This quote from the great Obi Wan Kenobi causes some concern because it seems like it is the great mentor trying to back pedal from a lie to his student, but it is an important lesson to learn about life.

Existence is an illusion caused by perception. We do things because we believe we can and don’t do things because we believe we can’t. Manifestation, magic, meditation, accomplishment are all dictated by our beliefs.

Finding a purpose, setting a good intention, and practice will help you reach all goals, one simply has to put in the work and carry on the resolve to accomplish that purpose.

The Hero’s Journey isn’t easy (more on that in the future). It is long and ardous with many temptations to stop or settle along the way. The hero also learns a great deal about himself and grows along the journey, because his purpose and intention remains pure. He will experience doubts and set backs, but the eyes are always on the prize.

As a pagan and shamanic practioner, I have experienced many set backs, from friends, family, and religious leaders to moving to a new home where nonorthodox religion is frowned upon. I have also had great companions and mentors who helped me along the way. They helped me believe in myself and my intention and taught me how to tap into my deeper self.

I know longer experience just the physical world but see and feel the spiritual dimensions that are layered with this reality. I know my limits and I know I can work to extend those limits so I may transcend and help others along their spiritual path as well.

Never forget, the God’s won’t do it for you, but they know you can grow to accomplish and they believe in you even if you don’t believe in them.

I believe in you.

Merry met

New year, new you

I know, I have already done a New Years post and we are a week into 2018, but I wanted to write about transitions a little more.

As most are aware, the Gregorian calendar, the calendar we commonly used, was created by the Catholic Church and is based on the birth of Jesus. Why would a pagan celebrate “the year of our Lord twenty hundred and eighteen”?

Simply put, even though I follow a different path, I do need to conform with some things. If the rest of the world is operating off of January 1st as the New Year, I may get some odd looks saying “Happy New Year” on Samhain. I can’t really use a year from when my God and Goddess were born. Can you imagine if I said I was born in the year 4,540,001,981?

Seeing that number, puts a little perspective on it that I hadn’t thought of until I saw it written.

So anyway, back to my original thought.

The year itself doesn’t matter, we base it on a solar cycle. Sure 2018 may be the year you turn 18 or 21 or maybe you are retiring this year. All of these things are transitions, and in our society, new responsibilities are bestowed upon you. The transfer from one year to another is a transition. We see it as a time when we can clean the slate. Start a new set of intentions or try again with the ones that didnt work last year. As the God was reborn on the Winter Solstice, we are reborn in the new year, full of intention and potential.

Just as the new moon is the best time for manifestation, so is the new year. There are even natural benchmarks that can help you track progress. 

I wish you luck and send you positive vibes to help you in you journey through the new year, may they be physical, finanical, or spiritual.

Merry met and happy New Years 

Southern snow

So, we got three inches of snow and ice in North Carolina. Being from New England, even though I was happy to have some snow, I didn’t find it impressive. While we let our kids play, I started a fire in the pit and had some contemplation.

Between the light blanket of snow and the fact that everything shut down, it was almost silent. The snow brought it’s calming energy. A scientific explanation may say that the snow acts as a insulator muffling the natural vibration of everything, i.e. sounds.

I look at it as the recently reborn God covering his beloved Crone Goddess as she goes into her slumber, to be reborn on the spring equinox. The calming act of love that is putting a blanket on someone, comforts and reassures. Since we are part of the Earth, he loves us as much as her.

Just a thought to meditate on.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

Goodbye ’17! Hello ’18!

As the sun sets on 2017, we have much to reflect on over the past year. We learn from our experiences and think about what we will do again and what we will do differently. Life is constantly in flux and we have given ourselves 365 solar days as landmarks with the hopes of improving ourselves.

I have been absent from here as my own experience evolves and changes. I find myself wandering a more druid path and for 2018 I will explore the Celtic magic that courses my veins. I’m also planning for my future because I will be retiring from my current career in the next 5 years, so I will also be planning my benchmarks leading to that. 

As we move forward, I hope to share my spiritual journey of 2018 with you. I hope it will inspire and maybe we can learn together. I hope I get to learn about your beliefs and experiences as well.

Merry met and happy New Year!

Where have all the dragons gone?

Today, I had quite a conversation about ghosts with a couple of very Christian friends of mine. (I didn’t go into some of the craziness I have experienced) This lead to a conversation about paganism and shamanism and I explained about the layers of energy of our world and about the spectrum and all that happy jazz and it got me thinking. While they are Christian, when you wash off the dogma and rituals, when it comes right down to it, our beliefs are similar.

That got me thinking about “mythical” creatures.

We joked around a little about evolution, and one said that while he doesn’t believe in evolution, he believes that people have gotten smarter. 

Bear with me, I’m getting to the creatures.

We have gotten “smarter”. Our understanding of the physical world has come leaps and bounds.

Just think, while the technology for a smart phone is new, the basic components to build one have always been here. We didn’t create new elements for the periodic table, we just found the right recipe to make it do what we want it to do, repurposed the glass and plastic and technological voodoo to send out my energy right now.

So, back to the monsters. All ancient cultures have their creatures and many overlap. We have gone from a species that openly communicated with dragons and unicorns and the wee folk and even angels and demons, to getting excited over seeing the Virgin Mary burnt on to a piece of toast.

Where have all the dragons gone?

My answer. 

No where.

Our perception changed. As our physical understanding of the world progressed, our energy changed. Why do you think kids are open to spirits and Santa? Their energy and their perception are still in that other plane. It isn’t until they are weighed down by “the truth”, that they begin to leave it.

Looking at the world with a heightened perception, with the open eyes of wonder to see the magick of everyday. Spirits love children. This is obvious in how much they are protected. How many times have you seen a little taking his first few steps, narrowly miss the corner of the coffee table? How often have you heard them laugh but seen no one else in the room? How many of you had imaginary friends?

The dragons never left.

We just forgot how to see them.

The Hammer and The Light

Many people wonder about my beliefs. They tend to be a little unorthodox, even in the Pagan realm.

I honor both the God and Goddess, as well as the Norse Pantheon. When I first realized my path, I did my research as well as meditated on what spoke to me. While the earth and trees and the moon and sea spoke to me and I felt their energy, Wicca and modern druidry seemed too weak or passive to me. It felt like life was supposed to be all unicorns farting rainbows and not truly standing for what you believe. Modern heathen seemed to fit my needs. 

Then the whole debated on who should be allowed in turned me off if that. Too many white supremacists for my tastes. And those that weren’t just whined about the others. 

Still Thor and Odin still visited me in my meditation. To defend my kin and home, I would give my life and make my enemies pay dearly. 

I looked into it a little more and realized that true druids we’re keepers of the world and also defenders of their home. 

I honor the Awen as inspiration. For the energy granted to me and the courage to use it for what is right. 

I honor Asgard for the strength and as a defender of Midgard. 

I wear a pendant of the Greenman because he keeps me wild and free. And I wear Mjolnir as a sign of my devotion to protecting my kin and home.

Odin guides me with his wisdom and the Greenman guides me with his wildness.

Thank you for reading and keep on your journey, you may be lead to places that you question, but have faith that there is a reason you are there.

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.